Monday, June 1, 2015

Doctor's Appointments

So in continuation from the last post (I'm really really bad lately at doing my blogging between work and my very busy children and keeping up with stuff around the house so I apologize) we had an appointment the first week of school with the paediatrician.

She asked about everything of course and I had been taking notes for a while thankfully because things are hard to remember.  She put in a referral for us to Sunny Hill which is where they do assessments.  She also gave us some more questionnaires to fill out and made photocopies of all the tests and questionnaires we did through the school.

The following week on a friend's recommendation we had an appointment with a clinical counsellor to maybe get some ideas of what might be going on.

Lucas didn't attend school for the first 2 weeks following Christmas break.  The principal wouldn't let him back in without a SEA.  It took a lot of pestering from us but we pushed the principal into making it a priority and thankfully she was able to get him a SEA without any sort of formal diagnosis.

Things were beginning to look up a little at least on the school front.

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