Thursday, September 3, 2015

Jan - June 2015

Well we still don't have a diagnosis but we have the appts set!!  By Sept 28th we'll know if he's autistic or not.

From Jan to June he attended Kindergarten with his SEA on gradual return.  It took until June for him to go full time and it was only for the last 2 weeks but then he was able to attend the final end of year stuff.  He did what he could do at his own pace and took breaks as needed.  For example on sports day he did 6/15 events.

His teacher put a desk out in the hallway for him when he needed somewhere to do his work quietly as the classroom environment is often too loud and over stimulating.  It also provided a quiet area for him to take much needed breaks with the SEA.

We still don't have an IEP in place as they just started on in May so hopefully for grade one they get one going for us right away and we can figure out what specific goals the school would like him to accomplish and we can help at home too.

He's been attending speech therapy once every 2 weeks.  More therapy is recommended but unfortunately right now we're paying out of pocket and it's very expensive so until we get some funding that's the best we can do for now.

His SEA was wonderful!!  I have nothing but the best to say about her but for grade 1 he'll have a new one assigned to him and that one would hopefully stay with him.  At least beginning this year with an SEA will mean he'll most likely spend more time in school and not at the principal's office or at home.

We're looking forward to a successful grade one!!

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